How can you earn money with online movies, cartoons sharing sites?

You might watch online movies or TVshows of cartoons when you feel bored. You may have never thought that the site owners are not doing it as their hobby. Its because they earn a living from it.

earn money online with cartoons tvshows

This can change your lifestyle if you know the method to earn from sites like watchcartoonsonline or even sites like moviemad and tamilrockers.

Don't think I am teaching you the wrong method. It is indeed a legal way and you can earn some respected dollars from this.

How to earn from sharing Cartoon and movies online?

We will help you with the step by step method. 

1. Find a niche

This is a must thing to do. It is 2019 and soon to 2020. There is a lot of competition and you'll find a hard time standing out from the competition. A niche like some cartoon series or an actual TV series with good search traffic and low competition can be the best for you.

2. Register a domain name

After you chose your niche. you should try registering an exact match domain or a partial match domain. 

For example, If you chose Rick and Morty's series as your niche, then you head to buy domain names like or or

3. Search all the videos of your niche on other sites

By other sites, I mean sites like Youtube or DailyMotion. Search all these videos on youtube and arrange them under your private playlist.

Then the next step is embedding those videos in your new site and writing a bit about it.

4. Some sprinkle of SEO

You need not be an SEO expert for this. Just some basic on-page SEO works.

5. Keep track of everything

You should keep track of everything using google search console and google analytics. 

6. Share your content

Share your content as much as you can. You should not spam it and must share it regularly on certain targeted customers. Share it on every social media platform available.

7. Promote on Facebook

It is the next step because you can contact some page owners who run some targeted pages and even run the Facebook ads campaign.

It is always an advantage as once you drive a targeted user in your site, they will be your returning loyal user.

Monetization Strategy

Once you start seeing some traffic on your website. You can earn from the following steps:

1.Google Adsense

Apply your site for Google Adsense. It can be your regular income and don't even affect your traffic.

2.Affiliate Marketing

You can be affiliated to some affiliates of other streaming sites, VPNs or Apps. This is a huge part of income for the site owners.

3. Sell your own products

You can sell your own products to your traffic. For a cartoon streaming website, you can sell customized t-shirts, toys and a lot of other items.

Back to you

I am quite sure you liked this method of earning money with online streaming sites. This can be your part of income in the long run if you implement it.

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